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Hey all! Seems like the upgrade is going well for almost everyone!!! Awesome sauce!!

However a few folks are finding their accounts are out of sync or need other kinds of help… so I wanted to explain something.

In my prior build it seems I inadvertently opened up a back door allowing anyone with auto-login enabled to login in with a valid username but not a valid license. Oops!

So now that the new server is online and I’ve strengthened the login coding, now that’s surfacing those folks who do have good accounts but somehow are out of sync due to unmatched emails or the like.

So, after you login, if you get a message that your account has expired but you know you have a current subscription, just reach using the “Need Help?” button and I’ll sort you out quick.. usually this take less than a minute. :)

I’m feeling great about the new server.. it’s working great.. the emails generated by the login system are super speedy and there’s been zero downtime. And despite some users needing the clean up, this just means the system is working and going forward it should be smoooooth air. :)

If anyone needs assistance, reach out using the “Need help?” button on the website. I’ll respond asap.

Cheers everyone! Happy SkyRiding!



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