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Quick repost of my comments from a question on timing, status etc.

Almost there!


So appreciate everyone’s patience!! Yes the beta / pre-release transition is delayed but I’m working non stop to make it happen. We’re hours away now, not days. Why the delay?

When I took stock in the beta (which was off the chain successful) there were a couple surprise actions (such as resetting a password) which occurred often enough to move them way up on the priority list… so I’ve taken a few more days to build in that and a much more robust login system, with stuff like… email authentication .. email update .. password reset .. version checking .. subscription unlock / activation … and more.

Finally I’ve decided to work in a few last upgrades and solve the major pain point of saving your current state/settings, so when you return to SkyGlass, you’re as you left it.

I’ve also added the ability to display your own feed, direct from your ADSB receiver.

Super close now! I’ll email everyone at the right time.

Stay tuned!


Steven Wells
Jonathan Dolph
Steven Wells
Steven Wells
Dec 12, 2021

No rush here.



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