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[Issue has been resolved as of 19:20 UTC]

The feed which provides the Mil-Ops returns is down right now. We are working on a fix and will report back when it's back to 5x5.

Unfortunately this affects everyone in the default mode, so it will look like no traffic is loading. WORKAROUND IS THIS.....

  1. STOP or BURN to arrest any loading actions.

  2. Switch out of Mil-Ops mode, by clicking the main shield icon.

  3. When the Declutter panel pops up, click off the Standard traffic (left most) and Masked (right most), and make sure the Mil icon (middle, smaller shield) is active and green.

  4. Make sure you have a correct search radius and home position... for CONUS, you can home over Kansas and search out 3000 miles.

  5. Load traffic!

*So long as the standard traffic toggle is off, it will only display the Mil aircraft.

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