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Having a connection Issue?

I wanted to let everyone know I'm seeing a return of the "tier 3 internet outage" issue, which means you may not be able to login to the SkyGlass app.

A few things to note about these temporary connection issues...First, they continues to be at most 50 minutes... which is the good news. These outages are somewhere between the SkyGlass servers and your ISP, which unfortunately are outside both of our control. Lastly these appear sporadic and affect certain areas for a few days (typically once a day, around the same time of day) and then disappear for weeks or longer.

If you cannot login to SkyGlass, the best way to test if this is the issue is to simply open the web page If that page loads without an error you should be able to login using the SkyGlass app. If that page loads and you still cannot login to SkyGlass, reach out to me using the support form or chat bubble.

There is a workaround... if you're able to switch to a mobile internet connection (mobile hotspot) you will be able to login to the SkyGlass app. You can then switch back to your normal internet connection and continue to use SkyGlass.

Thanks for your patience with this issue.

Scott Rasmussen


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