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Get to know SkyGlass.

Gain instant proficiency and learn SkyGlass from the innovator himself.

These interactive live training sessions are designed to get you up to speed fast. Ask questions, explore features and gain hands-on experience using the SkyGlass aviation intelligence platform.

All classes are free.

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<<< Live Training has been paused. >>>

All live training is paused for the next few months so I am able to focus 100% on creating SkyGlass v2.0 which is going to be amazing!

If you are a new user I highly encourage watching one of the previously recorded live training sessions on my YouTube channel here:


You can find the live training recording playlist here:

Thanks for your understanding while I keep my focus on development.  If you need any help reach out using the Need Help? button on the bottom right.


Creator of SkyGlass

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Live Training Schedule

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