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Bundle includes 5.5dBi 1090/978 N-type Female / 26-inch Antenna & 25 feet of feed wire.


Unlike most other ADS-B receive antennas, this 5.5dbi antenna not only receives the 1090Mhz band, but also the 978Mhz band.


While it performs well for 1090, adding the 978 capability can enhance coverage of general aviation aircraft in the US, as well as expand reception of 1090 aircraft if you are able to receive the ADS-R signals from one of the many FAA-run ADS-B towers in the us. (Requires second SDR and software setup to receive 978)


N-type Female connector.


Also includes in bundle 25 ft Low-Loss LMR195 Coax (3.4 dB loss), Regular price seperately at $45.95.


  • N Male to SMA Male Jumper Cable
  • Connect from SMA Equipment to N-Style Antennas
  • 25 ft Low-Loss LMR195 Size Coax - 40% Less Loss than RG8X Coax
  • Gold Plated Signal Pins - Heat Shrink on Both Ends


This set typically comes in it's own shippment from the warehouse.

26-inch Antenna w/ 25' feed wire bundle (5.5dBi Dual band 1090/978 MHz)

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