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Feeders are awesome. Be awesome.


If you don’t already know, feeders make it all go. The data stream that drives SkyGlass comes from folks just like you, with gear like this which feed the crowd sourced ADSB Exchange system. Becoming awesome has never been easier with these plug-n-play SkyBox units.Power supply incuded.


Includes a year of access to the SkyGlass platform!


The unit consists of a metal case holding a Raspberry Pi 4B micro-computer and two SDRs (software defined radio, which receives the aircraft transponder's signal) - one filtered on 1090mhz (the ADS-B frequency band), the other unfiltered for use on 978mhz (VHF/ACARS, etc.) The case itself is made of aluminum and serves as a heatsink for the pi and SDRs, resulting in no moving parts! The aluminum is in direct contact with the Pi CPU and other components to efficiently shed heat. (Please specify if an International power supply is needed).



~ Raspberry Pi 4

~ 1090 SDR with Filter & LNA (the ADSBx blue stick)

~ 978 SDR with LNA (the ADSBx orange stick)

~ High Endurance microSD with ADSBx feeder software

~ SMA Y splitter

~ Two 8-inch "Rubber Duck" Starter whip antennas for 1090 and 978mhz.*

~ Additional 1090Mhz external filter, for use in environments close to cellular towers or other significant RF interference.

~ Rasberry Pi approved power supply.


[ Does Not include a microSD card reader.]


* For a larger antenna option see the 26" Antenna bundle in the Be-Awesome-Hardware section.

** Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

SkyBox Warthog ~ Plug-N-Play Dual Band Feeder

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