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For Goa: Thank you for trying to fix my SkyGlass. I'm still onboard and hopefully we can find a fix for this. But I thought it might help you and anyone else in my particular issues if I told you exactly what I have attached to my machine. It may be more than most people have,but I'm an avid gamer and flight simmer, so...

Here is my list of controllers:

* Logitech rudder pedals

* Logitech X-56 HOTAS (stick and throttle are separate)

* Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant

* CH throttle quadrant

* Thrustmaster Cougar MFD (3)

* Razer Orbweaver (20-button keypad)

* Stream Deck 15-button

* Steam wireless controller

* X-Box wired controller

* Track IR head tracker

* V-Joy (virtual joystick, with 256 "buttons" that I can use wit the other controllers)

All are connected through the machine's USB ports and 2 powered hubs (16-port & 4-port) As I use various controllers depending on what I'm flying (MSFS2020, DCS) or shooting (Steam Arma 3, Squad, etc.) I pretty much use all of them. Maybe this will help you in figuring out what deep-sixed my app. Funny that it was working for about 2 weeks, using several extra watchlists, including Monkey's, before Ileft it running for a few hours and came back to find it locked up.

Keep me informed.

-= Gary =-

Goa ~ Maker of SkyGlass
27 Ağu 2022

That's it, in a nutshell. I may try to re-install again...



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