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SkyRider Foxtrot available now for Desktop and Android! iOS in the pipeline!

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the official release of SkyGlass and what a year it's been! I am super grateful for the support of this awesome crew and I promise to keep cranking out new updates! Get the new update to SkyGlass ~ SkyRider Foxtrot here!

SkyRider Foxtrot ~ v1.6 has a host of UI changes and some new features, most notably a way to easily transfer your watchlist to another device via the SkyGlass cloud! Check out a quick demo in the new tutorials video channel "Short Hops", and also on the SkyGlass YouTube channel here.

A special shout out to the test pilots!

BIG THANKS to the nearly 50 beta testers that helped me get this release out of the hanger and into the skies! I could not have done it without your help, feedback and charming good looks. Y'all are priceless. I just had to make you a patch.

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