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I think this product is great, and I did have one noobie question. Are we able to track Russian or Chinese aircraft?

Pat Edwards
Goa ~ Maker of SkyGlass
Goa ~ Maker of SkyGlass
11 de mar. de 2022

Great question… short answer is probably not, if they don’t want to be seen, they won’t be. Longer answer is this… first thing to know is that the data that drives SkyGlass is from the great folks at ADSB Exchange.. their data is crowd sourced from over 7000 individuals world wide. So if there are “feeders” in the area, the chances are high they will report traffic. However as you can easily see from even here in the US for example, you can see the refuelers but not the fighters… if milcraft don’t want to be seen, they won’t transmit on frequencies that ADSBX can listen. Regarding China, and I’m speculating here as I don’t know first hand, but I suspect there are additional hurdles for feeders in countries with strict internet export protocols. There also may be legal restrictions for those folks to feed.



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