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Hello and Happy New Year!

I wanted to share a quick 10-second update on the pre-release...

.. but first some major gratitude for all of you! You've made 2021 an amazing year of growth for SkyGlass. Special thanks to the Monkey Nation for the crowdsourced efforts and for all the feedback. All of the support has helped to shape SkyGlass in so many ways!

The Pre-Release build is so so so so close. I'm working everyday with my ace tester to make sure the new client is as bullet proof as possible. I appreciate your patience and support as I bring this home. Everyday I hope it's THE DAY for the pre-release... it's literally that close... the final mile has been way more involved than I anticipated.. with many two steps forward, 17 steps sideways and three back... I'm finally in a place where I can see the finish line and it's just a few more niggly wrinkles to iron out. Launch is coming in the next couple months and despite the pre-release slip, I'm feeling great about the overall timing.

I'm jumping back into the code and I'll probably post another quick update when I cross the line and start to prep the instructions for the transition.

Thank you all again for being part of the SkyGlass Crew!

Cheers, Goa

ps... thanks for all those who've expressed interest in the SkyGlass / ADSBx feeder kit that's in the works. More on that as soon as the pre-release is done. Very excited for the response!!!

Steven Wells
Pete A
Goa ~ Maker of SkyGlass
Steven Wells
Steven Wells
Jan 01, 2022

Take your time.



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