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Since watching Monkeywerx over the past few months using SkyGlass, I decided to give it try. First with the Beta version(s), and now have purchased an annual subscription. I'm still trying to learn it.

  1. I've noticed there's some stability issues. While trying to zoom out, using the mouse-wheel, not the map zoom, the app will crash. I've tried looking for any Crash (dump) files, but can not find any. Are there crash reports/files produced when the app crashes? In another app I used Serif's Affinity apps, crash reports are created, and the developers are very interested in them to find out why.

  2. I've recently noticed some aircraft will be identified as "Emergency", with a red flashing marker, and a panel is viewable with them. What is the significance of Emergency? I've learned to turn it off, close the panel with the icon located in the Options Panel. Would just like to understand what constitutes an Emergency where aircraft are flagged as such.

Thank you, I really like this app.

Scott Rasmussen
Unknown member
Feb 26, 2022

I know about two kinds of emergencies. When a plane changes its squawk to 7700 its a general emergency which could be anything from medical to mechanical. 7600 means no radio contact.



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